Texas Builders

I know it’s been a while everyone, but I’m back! My last post was on a fantastic resource for those of you in the process of building your custom home (or the dreamers-like me).  Today, though, I am going to discuss the practical aspects of building a luxury home from scratch.

First, let me start by professing my profound lack of experience in this area. BUT, this is the internet. So I will add my lack of knowledge to the pool of all the other wannabe experts out there.

If you want to hear from real experts here are some new custom builders in Texas. (True experts in the craft.)

To get us started, let’s first ask whether we want to build on our own land or on a lot the builder already owns. There are pros and cons to both, and I will write about them some time in the future.

Next, we need to consider size, layout, style, etc. All of the visual aspects fall into this category.

We need to make sure we have a solid builder as well. If they can’t stay on time, budget, or task they are worthless.

Wow, this is not well organized. Sorry guys. I’m going to post this as is, but I will come back and edit within the next few days.

Thanks for bearing with me. In the mean time this is a site for custom home builders in Houston, Tx.


A Great Resource

Well, I stumbled across a great website the other day while “surfing the net”.  One that has give me tons of ideas for my own custom house when the time comes(and the money). The site is CustomHomeOnile.com, and if you haven’t heard of it you should head on over because it is a fantastic resource for the custom home aficionado.

My favorite part is the works in progress page under “Homes”. It lets builders post the projects they are working on, and shows all of us “wanters”  the beautiful homes being build across the country. Giving me lots of ideas and architecture to drool over. While this is my favorite section I do love the entire site. They even discuss the importance of green building. As well as lots of builders to choose from in the future.

While this is a fantastic resource, there are many things I believe they are missing. For instance, I would love a section giving sample floor plans to browse through. Another thing that I would love could be a unique idea section. Where custom treehouses or cave homes could be showcased. Oh well, it’s still a cool site.